Friday, 22 October 2010


I've always said that I will never go out with a girl that wears UGG boots. I think they are ugly (No pun intended). I used to tell my ex-girlfriend that I would break up with her if she ever bought a pair. Fortunately, she also thought they were horrible. Would I have actually broken up with her if she'd bought a pair? No, of course not. I'm not that shallow. However, a recent conversation with my best friend did get me thinking about things that really would be a deal breaker with a potential girlfriend.

He told me that he would never go out with a girl that loved Football as much as he does. I was a little baffled by this statement. He explained that Football is his escape, his time out, his way of getting away from it all. I still didn't really understand. To me, if I love something, and somebody that I care about loves it too, then it is win win. Then I started thinking about my previous relationship. I shared everything with my girlfriend; my favourite bands became her favourites, hers became mine. Same with movies and television shows. She knew all my secrets, all my fears and insecurities. Everything. At the time it was fantastic, but when we broke up I had no escape. Everything reminded me of her. Everything that is, except one thing. There was one thing that I love that she didn't get to... 

Hip Hop. It may sound ridiculous, but Hip Hop music may have just about saved me from going completely insane. It was the only thing I had left that was just mine. I can put any Hip Hop track on and it won't remind me of her. It is my refuge, my safe place. Nobody can hurt me there. Hip Hop for me, is what Football is for my best friend. I now completely understand and respect why he wants to keep it for himself. So my new rule is this; I will never go out with a girl who loves Hip Hop music as much as I do. UGG boots I can tolerate, I'll share my favourite movies with you, I'll play you my favourite (non-hip hop) songs, I'll show you my favourite poems, and quotes, and I'll tell you all my secrets. I'll let you in, if you want... But stay away from Hip Hop. That belongs to me.

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