Monday, 1 November 2010


Yesterday was Halloween. My favourite night out of the year. Pubs and clubs are decorated, everyone always seems to be in a good mood, everyone dresses up, nobody is afraid of looking like an idiot. In fact, only the people who don't dress up look like idiots. It is always a fantastic night out. 

Except this year, for the first time in five years, I didn't go out. My costume didn't arrive in the post on time (Luckily, a friend is having a sci-fi themed birthday party next weekend, so the costume will not be wasted). That wasn't really the reason I didn't go out though. There was no real reason. I just didn't feel the Halloween vibes this year. Maybe due to it being my first Halloween away from my home town? My first time away from many of the friends that I usually spend the night with? (Friends whom I'm not really sure are even 'friends' anymore). 

About a million things in my life have changed since last Halloween, some for the better, some for the worse. Maybe not going out and getting stupidly drunk is a sign that I am finally growing up, or moving forward, or something equally contrived and cliched? Meh, I doubt it. Next year I'll probably go out and get battered (Literally and figuratively).

This year I stayed in and watched Horror movies...

- Matrys (2008) is half a good movie, half grim as fuck.
- Mr. Hell (2006) is fucking terrible... AVOID!
- Feast (2005) ...starring Henry Rollins. 'Nuff said!
- All The Boys Love Many Lane (2006) is a decent slasher flick.
- The Crazies (2009) is pretty damn awesome.

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