Friday, 26 November 2010


Recently I have been watching more and more television shows and less and less movies. I haven't been to the cinema at all in November (I know, shocking!). I wanted to see Due Date, but was put off by poor reviews. Skyline looked promising, but got terrible reviews. I really wanted to see The Kids Are All Right, but never got around to it. Another film I really want to see is Chico & Rita, but due to a very limited release, it is not showing in any cinemas near me. Nothing else that came out this month has been of any interest to me and I am struggling to think of many upcoming releases that I am anticipating with any degree of excitement.

On the other hand, some recent televison shows have really caught my attention. Him & Her was excellent.  A British BBC production - Billed as an "Anti-Romantic Comedy", it was very funny, and naturalistic. The thing I really liked about it was that each episode takes place in real-time, and all six episodes are set in just one location.

Another British televison show I have been enjoying very much is Channel 4's Misfits. I missed the first series when it was aired last year, but recently caught up with it on 4OD. The second series is now half way through, and is even better than the first. A very well written show - clever, witty, with lots of awesome action.

They say that this is the golden era of television. I'm not sure whom 'they' are exactly, but I'd say they're fairly accurate. Over the past decade there have been some brilliant televison shows made, especially in the US (the UK is slowly catching up in terms of quality). 

My current (and possibly all-time) favourite show is Californication, of which the fourth season will be airing in January 2011 (Can't. Fucking. Wait!). Another great show is The Walking Dead, which is currently half way through its first season (But has already been picked up for a second). Basically, I just don't know what to watch next. There are so many shows that are earning / earned rave reviews - Breaking Bad, Bored to Death, Sons of Anarachy, The Wire, The Shield, Dexter, Weeds... (and those are just some of the ones that I think would appeal to me!)

The film industry needs to pull its socks up and stop putting out so much crap. Television is making it look bad... really bad!

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