Saturday, 5 February 2011


On Thursday night I saw my favourite UK Hip Hop artist Jehst. I first heard Jehst in around 2001 / 2002 but this was the first time I have seen him perform live - it has been a long wait. It was amazing to hear songs that I have been listening to for 10 years performed live right in front of me. Worth the wait, but hopefully it won't be as long before I see him again.

The title of my blog actually comes from a lyric from one of his songs - Alien, a song by Evil Ed which Jehst featured on in 2000. At the beginning of the show on Thursday Jehst actually mentioned Evil Ed, which made me think that he might perform Alien, alas he did not. It is a fantastic song - Jehst's philosophical, poetic lyrics are perfect over a simple but effective beat by Ed.

Aside from being the title of my blog, I plan to get 'In pursuit of expression' tattooed on my forearm in the near future. I have been planning to get this tattoo for a couple of years now, and seeing Jehst live has made me 100% sure that I want to get it done. I feel that I am, and have always been in pursuit of expression in one form or another. I consider myself to be a storyteller, and I have many stories to tell. I have a voice, and if I want that voice to be heard then I have to keep on pursuing. That sounds cheesy as fuck! The tattoo will be there to remind me of that pursuit, to not give up, and to shout louder if I want to be heard... or something like that. Here's the song...  

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