Saturday, 26 February 2011


Since 2004 my top five favourite movies have (pretty much) been set in stone. The top four are...
1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 
2. Carlito's Way 
3. Before Sunrise 
4. Before Sunset that order. Number five always changes. I often veer towards an old childhood favourite, either The Goonies, Crocodile Dundee or Ghostbusters, depending on whichever one I have seen most recently. Currently it is The Goonies. However the order of my top four has been shifting in my mind recently.

I recently re-watched Before Sunrise & Sunset (Which are really just one movie in my eyes), I don't know what it is about them, but they really move me. I think about them for weeks after watching them. My girlfriend thinks I am secretly a softie, and she's probably right, however it is no secret. I seem to have acquired an image with my friends for liking down beat, gritty, depressing dramas - which I do, but I have never hidden the fact that I love a good romance. Even Carlito's Way, which is essentially a gangster film, has a love story at its heart (which if I am being honest, is my favourite part of the story). Anyway, back to my point - I think that Before Sunrise & Sunset may be leap frogging Carlito's Way AND Eternal Sunshine to become my 1st and 2nd favourite movies of all time. It is a big call, I know. And it matters to absolutely no one except me, I know.

Maybe it is just because I have watched them more recently, I don't know. It has probably been about three years since I have watched Eternal Sunshine, so the only way to find out is to re-watch it. Refresh my memory. I need to remember the feeling that watching that movie gives me. The feeling that made me want to become a screenwriter, or rather, made me realise that I'd always wanted to become a screenwriter but didn't know it.

To sum up, my top four favourite movies may be about to change order. Or maybe they won't. I'll keep you posted. If you care. Which I doubt you do. Hell, I barely care, so why should anyone else? (That's not true, I do care! Far more than anyone should ever care about the order of their top four favourite movies of all time - I'm WAY fucking cool)

Next up I am going to write a post about my top four favourite actors of all time, and how Mark Ruffalo is possibly about to leap frog Al Pacino to become my number one guy! Stay tuned. 

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