Saturday, 9 April 2011


My buddy Ollie recently discovered an awesome band called The Submarines and recommended them to me. They play indie pop songs with catchy hooks and happy lyrics (sometimes sickeningly happy). Their first album Declare A New State! came out in 2006 so they're not really a new band and I'm not quite sure how I'd never heard them before. But I am glad that I now have. I've been listening to their first album a lot recently and I'm looking forward to moving on to their second album, Honeysuckle Weeks, which came out in 2008. They also have a brand new album called Love Notes/Letter Bombs which came out on Tuesday, but that one will have to wait.

Whenever I discover a band that already have several albums which I have not heard before, I like to start at the beginning with their very first album. I like to absorb the album as if I am hearing it at the time of its release. Once I know the album, know the songs, know which song will play next and which songs are my favourites, only then will I move on to their next album and the process begins again. I am the same with films, If I see a film by a director or writer whose work I have never seen before I get slightly irritated that I am not seeing their work in chronological order. Weird, I know.

Anywho, having listened to Declare A New State! almost everyday for a week I feel that I know the album pretty well (and I am ready to move on to Honeysuckle Weeks. Yay!) My favourite song from the album is a little ditty called This Conversation. It is not exactly one of the album's happiest songs and fairly short at 2 minutes 50 seconds, but I think it is beautiful and you should all listen to it right now:


  1. that is a truly great song - really love the sound of this band - going to check them out more - thanks for writing about them - great blog btw (...found it via hipstermusings)

  2. Going to check them out. Your review of them got me interested. Thanks!

  3. Oh Wow, I just got invited to see them play at a record store. My friend just handed me their new album and was like your coming! :D It has made me very happy! They remind of a lot of mates of state. If you haven't already heard them, you need to! I think their first album released was "Our Constant Concern"...but you may want to research it as I know they also had EPs floating around :D

  4. The submarines are awesome! They're such a cute band. I love Declare a new state.