Saturday, 14 May 2011


[This was written yesterday, but Blogger was down so I could not post it]

I haven't blogged in a long time, this is mainly due to the fact that all of my final uni assignments were due in last week. One week ago today in fact. I refrained from using Blogger as a procrastination tool and actually did my work (Shocker, I know!). The good news is that I got all my work done and handed in, and I was actually happy with the standard of work that I produced. The bad news is that now I am no longer a student! Which means two things... 1. no more student loans and 2. I must now be a proper adult and find a proper job and a proper place to live with my proper lady woman friend (Okay that was more like three things). Basically, life is all going to get very 'proper' from here on in... 

But not today! Right now my proper awesome lady woman friend is on holiday in Singapore for two weeks so I'm all lonely and shit. But there is good news! Yes, today is Friday the motherfucking 13th... so the law of movie film land states that I have to watch scary awesome horror movies all day! Preferably ones that feature a big fuck off sized* man in a hockey mask whom carries a machete about his person. Said big fuck off sized man then proceeds to stalk annoyingly good looking teenagers and unprettify their faces with the afore mentioned machete (or any other large / blunt / sharp object that he can lay his big fuck off sized hands on).

[*Fuck off sized is a technical term - when roughly converted to normal person-speak is about the size of a brick shit house. However in Norfolk person-speak is about the size of a pack of wolves, and finally in Greenwell-speak it is roughly 0.7 of a Kulich.]

I hope you all watched a Friday The 13th movie yesterday, or at least a horror movie! and I hope that my girlfriend has arrived safely in Singapore and is having an amazing time!

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