Sunday, 22 May 2011


So, the Rapture was supposed to happen yesterday. It didn't. Massive shocker. If the world was to end on a day when I had a raging hangover and my girlfriend was on the other side of the world, I would have been majorly pissed off with big J.C.

I think about dying a lot. Or rather, what I would do if I knew my death was imminent. Or if I knew the world was about to end. Yesterday, hungover and missing my girlfriend, I decided there was only one thing that I could do... If Jesus H. Christ himself was about to turn up and condemn me to eternal damnation, I wanted to go out... watching wrestling. That's right. I sat back with a cup of tea and put on one of my all time favourite wrestling matches - Cactus Jack vs. Triple H, Career vs. WWF Championship Hell in a Cell match from WWF No Way Out 2000... Bliss! I've probably seen that match about 10 times, but I never get bored of it. Fantastic storytelling with some great spots and a heart breaking finish. 

Anyway, the Rapture didn't happen, the world didn't end, and I lived to write this blog, and I shall hopefully live long enough to see my girlfriend when she gets back from her holiday. That is if she hasn't forgotten about me!

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  1. Rapture.
    My ass.

    I bled
    like some