Sunday, 14 August 2011


Something disturbing has happened. Very disturbing. I found out this evening that my parents both love the band Elbow. I also love Elbow. I have the same taste in music as my middle aged parents.

What the unmitigated fuck?!

They told me that they watched Elbow's 2011 Glastonbury performance on TV. Twice. And that my Stepdad bought their new album for my Mum for her birthday. Either my parents are getting 'cooler' or I am getting old. I think, I fear, I dread that it may be the latter. I feel like I now need to lock myself in my bedroom and listen to Eminem or something. Something with lots of needless swearing and anger and talk of violence and debauchery. Anti-establishment, youthful 'noise' that my parents would hate.

Yeah, because I'm cool. And young. And reckless. And... 

Fuck it, I'll just watch Elbow's 2011 Glastonbury performance on YouTube and drink some tea. Because Elbow are awesome and so are my parents. And so is tea...

There is also a couple of songs from Noah & The Whale's set near the end of the video. Bonus.


  1. Hahahaha...You should be proud, My mom gave me my first Belle & Sebastian Album, and was the one to tell me that Elliott Smith was gone :( I hope that my future children don't listen to crappy music.

  2. Tea is delicious. I have a feeling we are slowly, but surely, turning into our parents. Judging by your parents' music taste I'd say you're all set!