Sunday, 21 August 2011


So, this weekend I have been watching the new 2011 incarnation of Thundercats. It is not as bad as I feared it might be, but something is definitely missing. The original 1985 version of Thundercats was a huge part of my childhood. It finished the year I was born but lived on with many children my age in re-runs. I had all the action figures, and numerous old worn out video tapes. It was THE cartoon of my childhood (Along with Teenage Mutant Ninja Hero Turtles).

I now have the entire original Thundercats series on DVD. Because I am that cool. It is pretty cheesy and very 'Moral of the week' but I still love it. Only through rose tinted nostalgia glasses, no doubt. Discovering it now I would probably wonder what all the fuss was about. I guess that is the wonderful thing about nostalgia.

The new, revamped Thundercats series is edgier and 'cooler'. The kids of today grow up a lot quicker, so that cheesy 'Moral of the week' shit just wouldn't fly these days. The morals are still there, just subtler. The show is a lot less light hearted and a lot more sinister than it was in 1985. I guess that is just the cynical, post9/11 world that we live in now. It is very similar in tone to the 2003 'reboot' of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The animation is slicker, the one liners more risqué and the baddies are entirely more bad ass.

Don't get me wrong Mumm-Ra was always a total bad ass, and Shredder was... Well, part of Shredder's charm was that he wasn't too smart, and watching him get seven shades of shit ripped out of him by Krang was always highly entertaining. 2003 Shredder was just fucking ruthless. Where is the charm in that?!? The main thing that annoyed me about 2003 TMNT was that they did away with Bebop and Rocksteady! What was that about?!?

Now 2011 Thundercats has done the same thing, they have done away with Jackalman and Monkian! Blasphemy! Why do villains these days have to be so intelligent and calculating?!? I miss the idiotic, haphazard henchmen! We still have Slythe, but he was always the smartest of the three... Jackalman and Monkian were always accidentally scuppering his plans. Then Mumm-Ra would tear them a new one. Hilarious!

I miss the bumbling baddies!

By hiring intelligent, sinister henchmen Mumm-Ra now only has himself to blame when his plans fail. I am hoping that Monkian and Jackalman will make an appearance in later episodes. But without The Sword of Omens to give me sight beyond sight, I just don't know what will happen. Bummer.


  1. Oh man this reminds me of the good ol days of cartoons. lol.

  2. it was pretty good.. never seen the original but I liked it! :)