Monday, 19 September 2011


Today is the fifth anniversary of the release of rapper Lupe Fiasco's debut album Food & Liquor. Released on 19th September 2006 it came out at a time when my faith in hip hop music was seriously waning. Faux-gangster rappers like 50 Cent and The Game were flooding the charts and Kanye West really did, and continues to do, nothing but bore me.  

Food & Liquor was a breath of fresh air that single handedly restored my faith in hip hop. For people that think that rap music is all the same; that rappers only rap about women, drugs and money with a continuous stream of swear words, you should listen to this album. It might just surprise you.

Every track on the album resonates and speaks to me in a different way so it is difficult to pick a definitive favourite. However there is one track that has always stood out to me, and that is He Say She Say. It's about a boy growing up with an absentee father (For some reason I related with it, I can't imagine why). It isn't Lupe complaining about his tough childhood Eminem-style, it is just a story, told from two different perspectives. And it is beautiful.

Check it out...

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