Sunday, 18 September 2011


I feel that I have been neglecting my blog recently. However, unlike most of my uni friends (Yeah, I'm talking about you Greenwell, Macina and Edmonds) I have a very good reason. For the past couple of weeks someone has been paying me to blog for them. Crazy, right? Someone has actually been giving me money to write words for their business. Real money, too! Admittedly not very much money, but it's a start! 

I have been freelancing for a company called I Say! Digital who have been paying me to write blog posts for posh London fashion shop Poison Angel. I basically just tell people to buy their pretentious, over priced clothes.

And when I say 'over priced'... I mean ridiciulously over priced! 

(They can charge £1,200 for a hoodie, but only pay me £30 to write 7 blog posts for them?!? Daylight robbery!)

As disgusted as I may be with myself right now for 'selling out' to the fashion world (a world which I knew next to nothing about until two weeks ago) I am just happy to have been paid to write. A small step in the right direction for my fledgling career.

It doesn't pay the rent, but it is kinda fun. Just ten more years of blogging for them and I will be able to afford one of their t-shirts. Super!

P.S - The title of this post is a line from a song which has been stuck in my head for the best part of the day;
'Heavyweight Champion of the World' by Reverend & The Makers.

Whatever happened to those guys?

P.P.S - It was nice to write a blog post again without having to worry about fulfilling a word count. Screw you, word count!

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