Friday, 30 September 2011


Tomorrow is the beginning of the month known around the world as October, but to me it will forever be known as SHOCKtober! (It sounds far cooler when I say it out loud, written down it just sounds kinda lame) It is the month of All Hallows' Eve. For horror movie fans this is a joyous occasion (Like Christmas, but with more blood and less roast dinner). It is an excuse to watch horror movies relentlessly. Not that an excuse is needed, but a worthy excuse it is.

I don't know why I love horror movies, or when this love first started but I love them almost as much as I love Pro Wrestling. Maybe my vegetarianism means that I have to fulfil my natural urge for blood in some other fashion besides devouring dead animals? Who knows?!? All I know is that tomorrow night I will be kicking off the month of SHOCKtober with Kevin Smith's Red State, a movie that I have been eagerly anticipating all year. Then throughout the next week I plan to watch several other 'It could happen in real life which makes it scarier' movies such as The Final, The Tortured, Exam and possibly Saw 5, 6 and 7

The following week I will then watch a round of good old 80s slasher movies, including The Burning, Sleepaway Camp and The Funhouse. I love me some 80s slasher movies! In fact, now that I think about it I believe that my love of horror movies started with 80s slasher movies. Halloween 5 to be precise. I first saw it when I was about eight years old. I was sleeping over at a friend's house and his mother rented two horror movies for us, Halloween 5 and Puppet Master 2. The VHS was in terrible condition so it was petty hard to watch, but I think that just made it scarier. What made it REALLY FUCKING SCARY was when my friend's older sister burst into the room wielding a kitchen knife, Michael Myers-style. Suffice to say that my friend and I both crapped ourselves (Not literally, but almost).

Anywho, I digress, the week after '80s slasher week' it will be anything remotely 'Demonic, paranormal or supernatural'. This will include such films as Wishmaster, Necromentia, Night of the Demons, maybe some Phantasm, maybe some Children of the Corn. Seeing as 'Demonic, paranormal and supernatural' isn't really my specialist area, if anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful. In fact I would appreciate any horror movie suggestions, so hit me up with your scariest shit!

After I'm through with all of those it should be November again. Almost time to start watching Christmas movies again! (Yeah, I bet you've never met someone who enjoys Christmas movies almost as much as horror movies?!? You know what the best kind of Christmas movies are?!? HORROR CHRISTMAS MOVIES! You know what the best Horror Christmas movie is? Santa's Slay... A Christmas Horror movie that stars a Professional Wrestler! A movie that combines all of favourite things!) I'm so fucking cool.

I wish horror movies still scared the shit out of me like they did when I was eight. Maybe I just need my friend's crazy sister to keep bursting into the room swinging a kitchen knife at me?!? Yeah, that would work. 

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  1. I feel so disappointed after watching horror movies cos they never scare the shit out of me. I wan't that to happen but it never does. Psycho thrillers are better.