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If you know me, or read my blog regularly, you will know that I have somewhat of a soft spot for Henry Rollins. A man crush, if you will. Actually no, man crush doesn't quite cover it, more like straight up hero worship. I would travel to the end of the world to listen to this man speak. And on Saturday night I did just that. Well, I say 'the end of the world'... I traveled to Bexhill... pretty close!

When Rollins came out on stage, the first thing he said was that in over 30 years of touring England, he'd never performed in Bexhill before...

Yeah, there is a reason for that Henry!

...there is NOTHING in Bexhill! It is a dead end town, devoid of life... literally a town where old people go to die. I'm going to take a wild guess and predict that at least 90% of the audience at that show do not live in Bexhill. 

Anywho, location gripes aside, the show was ace!

Rollins killed it, as always. The guy is a fucking machine! He walked on stage, removed the mic from the stand, wrapped the chord around his hand and let loose. Classic Rollins. He talked for two and a half hours, non-stop: No breaks, no water, just words, followed by more words. He barely paused long enough between stories to allow us meager audience members enough time to laugh/applaud.

How the man remembers anecdotes from 1982 is beyond me, I barely remember funny stories that happened last year.

The dude is nearly 51 years old and he has twice the energy of most 21 year olds. His work ethic is immense. He breaks his life down into 'Inhale Years' and 'Exhale Years' - on an Inhale Year he travels the world, visiting whichever countries the American government warns are 'evil'... He proudly exclaims that the only times he has ever had his life threatened have been in America, the rest of the world has been pretty good to him.

He loves his country, he just hates the stupid people that inhabit it.

He follows up an Inhale Year with an Exhale Year in which he goes on tour and talks about everything that he did/saw/discovered in the previous year. This is now his life works, year in, year out: tour/travel/tour/travel etc etc...

The only bad thing about this model is that I now have to wait until 2014 for him to tour England again. Damnit.

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