Thursday, 2 February 2012


I don't try to hide the fact that I am a massive geek. In fact, I kinda wish I was a bigger geek than I actually am. You know, in a cool/ironic/hip-to-be-square kind of way. Maybe I should start wearing fake thick rimmed glasses like the other cool kids?!? Just kidding, I hate those motherfuckers that wear fake glasses. I wish they would die.


When I was a kid, like every other kid my age, I loved the shit out of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. I wanted to be Tommy, the Green Ranger, and I wanted to date Kimberly, the Pink Ranger. She was my first TV crush. Definitely not the last, but certainly the first. Man, she was smokin' hot in that pink lycra, and she was a freakin' bad ass too. I'd let her kick my ass any day!

Last week one of my friends posted something on facebook that made my inner 10 year old cry with joy...

I know what you're thinking: cool as fuck, right? These bad boys are HAND MADE too! In 2010 I bought a Power Rangers t-shirt from and it was fucking useless. After a few washes the print faded right off. I was devastated. Seeing the impressive craftsmanship that Power Hoodiez put into the production of these hoodies, I am very tempted to purchase me a Green Ranger one. Very tempted, indeed.

Upon seeing those impressively hand crafted works of sheer genius, I began a nostalgia-inspired trip around the internet in search of other Power Rangers clothing for nostalgic/nerdy grown up 90s kids. What I found was an image that both made my inner 10 year old cry with joy, and my grown up 24 year old self smirk like a dirty old man...

There are no words that can accurately describe the awesomeness of this photograph. All I can say is that that I now know exactly what I'm getting my girlfriend for her birthday!


  1. I always wanted glasses so hard!
    Those are pretty swanky, but where is the white ranger's jacket? I watched this but it was a little fucked up, admit it. The black guy had black and the asian chick had yellow...I mean, geez. :P

    1. You're right, it was slightly messed up in that sense. Also, the hoodies are made to order so they can make white if you want white!

  2. XD Oh wow.
    This made me laugh uncontrollably.
    I'm assuming your girlfriend is as big a geek as you are.

  3. If my boyfriend knows what's good for him, he will buy me this for my birthday! I wasn't even all that in to Power Rangers too much. The show was suuuper corny, but those hoodies and dresses are hot!!!

  4. I wasn't actually that into watching power rangers much when I was wee, feel like I have been missing out! Haha those dresses do look cool though and my bf is a wee bit of a geek so I may check them out :) did you end up getting one for your gf? :)
    I have needed glasses for aaaaaages but I want an awesome pair haha!

  5. Hooooooooly fuck. Need the Green Ranger dress to live. Tommy was a fucking bamf.