Saturday, 10 March 2012


Last month Scheme shot our first short film on location in Southampton on South West Trains. Serenade was written by my good friend and fellow Schemer Anthony Macina. Hopeless romantic that he is, it is about a boy and a girl brought together, on a train, by the power of music. (It isn't as cutesy as it sounds. I hope).

For those of you that have no idea what Scheme is, basically, upon graduating from university, myself and two fellow Screenwriting graduates (Anthony Macina and Paul Martin) decided that waiting around for production companies to make our scripts into films was a ludicrous idea, so we decided to just do it ourselves. We're being pro-active.

The plan is to get a few short films under our belt, enter as many competitions and festivals as possible, then get funding in place for more ambitious feature length film projects. The ultimate long term goal is to be able to help other creative people get their projects made. Whether that is a film, a novel, an art exhibition, a fashion show, recording an album, or whatever else. We want to create a support network for creative people who graduate uni and do not have a fucking clue what they are supposed to do next...

Having said that, you're probably better off asking Paul what the long term strategy is. He's the man with the big ideas. I'm the realist. Trying to keep his feet on the ground is a labourious and thankless task, but somebody has to do it.

So yeah, Serenade, was shot over two mad days in February with the help of some fantastic Southampton Solent University students from the Film & Television Production course and two phenomenal actors, David Palmstrom and Patricia Alves, who were both absolutely outstanding.

The film is currently in the editing process but it will probably be a few more weeks before we get to see a rough cut. I can't wait to see it. I really believe it is going to look fantastic. It was a great experience shooting the film and I really hope that all of our hard work pays off.

NB: My one piece of advice to anybody who is planning to shoot their first film would be this: DO NOT shoot on trains. Ever. The price they charge for a one day shooting permit is a real budget killer. It costs the same amount for people shooting a no-budget short film as it would for a multi-million pound studio film. Ridiculous.

PS: If you have a Facebook account we would very much appreciate it if you would 'Like' Scheme's page at All updates regarding Serenade (and all other future endeavours) will be posted there.

Stay tuned!

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