Thursday, 28 June 2012


I am desperate to get a tattoo.

But what, and where?

I'm thinking: several stars in various sizes along my forearm. 

Just kidding. I do not understand why people get star tattoos, they look fucking ridiculous. Seriously. If you are reading this right now and you have a star tattoo and I have offended you... Good. Please kill yourself now.

Kidding, again. Well, kind of. Star tattoos are stupid though. You'll regret the shit out of them when you're 50. Like this chick...


An extreme example, I know. But look at her! I'm pretty sure she regrets those right now, let alone when she is 50. Idiot.

My first tattoo will be a lyric or a quote. Definitely text. Something that means a lot to me (and will still mean a lot when I am 50... if I live that long). There are several different options I am mulling over, and I will probably end up getting all of them eventually, but I think the first one is important.

It will likely be a Bukowski quote, something from one of his poems. Or a lyric from an Against Me! or Death Cab song.

I want it in a place where I can see it, too. I don't want a tattoo on my back or shoulder or somewhere that I'll never see it unless I dislocate my neck looking behind me into a mirror. I want to be one of those skinny white trash looking motherfuckers rockin' a wifebeater with arms covered in tattoos. That's the dream.

I'm sure plenty of women find that look attractive... right???

Fuck it, who cares!


  1. Hi. I totally agree with you on the star tattoo thing, but for one thing...I have stars 12 of them in a group. BUT they mean something to me. My grandpa used to tell me when I was little that everytime you would look up to the sky at night, each star was one of your loved ones watching over you. So therefore I have a group of 12 stars, for each of my loved one's that have passed. BUT the people that get stars that are for no reason or just because, or any other tattoo just because is "fucking ridiculous".

    1. Isn't that from The Lion King?!? ;) Fair enough, I stand corrected. Stars can "mean a lot" too, but I am sure they don't mean a thing to 99% of the people who have them.

  2. Unlike all those Chinese lettering ones that have such a deep and meaningful purpose on all those knobs who have them...