Sunday, 22 July 2012


What a week that was. A combination of bullshit and awesome in equal measure. It started off pretty awesome... Thinking back to last Sunday feels like a lifetime ago. Macina, Paul and I were embroiled in an epic script meeting on Skype. It took us five and a half hours to re-write two scenes. Two scenes of a fifteen page screenplay. Five and a half hours. It was tiring, to say the least. Worth it though, the script is much stronger now. I always love a good argument with the boys. We can argue and argue and argue about a scene, a setting, sometimes even just one line of a dialogue, but we always get there in the end. We always kiss and make up. Bromance.

Monday was fairly standard. No drama. Regular day at work, came home, ate a whole large quiche to myself. Good times. I love me some quiche.

Tuesday. Shit got real. I got a call at work from my flatmate informing me that our flat is "structurally unsafe", and we'd have to vacate the premises immediately or risk the wall caving in on us. Fan-fucking-tastic. So I packed up my life into boxes and bags and moved everything back to Hastings.

So, Wednesday, I'm back in Hastings. All my shit is dotted around my parents house, and I'm commuting to Brighton for work. I left the house at 10 AM and I got back at 10 PM. Bullshit. Plus it costs £13 a day for the train. Fuck. That. Get me back to Brighton!

Thursday. Shit got awesome again. I got my train to work, only to be told when I got there that the toilets were fucked and the whole building was closed until 3 PM so that the plumbers could fix it. The morning off work! Paid! What shall we do with this unexpected gift of free time?!?... to the pub! So we all went to the pub, we all got a little drunk, then we all went back to work at 3 PM as requested... only to be told that the plumbers hadn't been able to fix the problem so we could all leave for the day! What shall we do with this unexpected gift of a free day off?!? (you can see where this is going)... Back to the pub! So, we all went back to the pub and got even more drunk. Then at 4:30 PM I had a flat viewing. I had to play it as sober as I could, I didn't want the estate agent to think he would be renting the flat to the kind of guy who is drunk at four in the afternoon (Clearly I am that type of guy, but he doesn't need to know that). So, I played it sober, and it worked. I think. He liked us, and providing I pass credit checks and referencing, I have a new place to put my stuff and sleep in. A better location, and slightly cheaper than our last "structurally unsafe" flat. Bonus.

Friday. The day I have been waiting for for four years. The Dark Knight Rises. You're probably sick of hearing about this movie by now so I won't bang on about how brilliant it was. I had booked my ticket on Monday, when I was still living in Brighton, which would have worked out fine had my flat not, you know... broken. So, I caught the film straight after work (in the cinema on my own, because I'm cool) As soon as it ended I had to run to the station to get the last train back to Hastings (When I say "run", I mean "walk at a brisk pace"). I got back home at 1 AM. Totally worth the hassle. Four years is a long wait, even if I'd missed the last train home it still would have been worth it. I love you, Batman.

Saturday. Another hectic day. Another day of awesome. We had rehearsals in London for our short film "Monday Morning" (the aforementioned script that we re-wrote the previous Sunday). The actors were great, and they loved the script, thus inflating my ego no end. Well, not really. I suck at taking compliments so I kinda just went all red faced and shy. You know you have issues when you can take insults better than compliments.

Sunday. I have finally been able to chill out and recharge my batteries, ready for whatever adventures life decides to throw at me this week. Bring it on, bitch!


  1. So jealous. I'm far too broke to see the new Batman. :( Probably won't see it until someone leaks a DVD screener. Good luck with getting the new place! I'm the same way with compliments. I usually just lightly insult people as my response.

  2. Haha! You write so funny! I had to laugh when I read about Thursday, being drunk at 4:30 in the afternoon but not wanting to come across as the type! Also, I know how you feel, man, about being able to take insults better than compliments. Let's shake hands.

    I enjoyed this post.

  3. Batman was amazing. Sorry about your flat..hope things are looking up in that aspect, and that you are enjoying this week so far!