Thursday, 18 October 2012


This morning at work, when browsing the news websites (instead of working), I came across the news that Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel had passed away in the night. Sylvia, aged 60, was best known for her role as Emmanuelle in the French erotic film from 1974. Upon reading the obituary it appears that poor Syliva led a rather troubled life -- an acting career forever typecast by her role as Emmanuelle, abusive relationship after abusive relationship, drug and alcohol abuse, and to top it off she spent the best part of the last decade battling various forms of cancer. Her story really saddened me. Not quite the uplifting start to the working day I had hoped for, but hey ho!

Today's blog post was originally intended to be about the two year anniversary of this here blog, but it is now going to be about my first forray into the world of softcore porn as a thirteen year old boy (That sounds a lot more creepy than it really is. I think...)

Back in the year 2000 thirteen year old Martin had just got his very own television in his bedroom! What this meant was that every night when my parents thought I'd gone to bed, I would stay up late into the night flicking through the channels (all four of them) in the hope that I'd get to see some boobs. That's all thirteen year old Martin wanted to see. Boobs. Any boobs would do. I'm pretty sure that is all any thirteen year old boy wants to see. These days thirteen years olds have iPhones and iPads and fibre optic broadband and basically instant boob access whenever they damn well please. But back in the days of dial-up internet (on a shared computer situated in the living room!) and only four TV channels to play with, boob access was hard to come by. Suffice to say that when I randomly came across some old French movie in which the lead character pretty much has some form of sex in pretty much every other scene, it was like the best freakin' day ever! BOOOOOOOOOOBS!

Of course the film I was watching was Emmanuelle. Channel 4 had commissioned filmmaker Alex Cox to make a documentary about the Emmanuelle films which they followed up with a screening of the film itself. I have not watched either the documentary or the actual film since that night, but I have vivid memories of both. Thinking about it, it was probably the first foreign language film I had ever seen. I don't really remember any of the other trashy erotic movies that I watched around that time, but for some reason Emmanuelle has stayed with me. Sylvia Kristel must have made quite an impression on me.

Tonight SHOCKtober is going to take a backseat and I am going to re-watch Emmanuelle for the first time. I imagine that I will not the only one watching it tonight.

R.I.P Sylvia Kristel
1952 - 2012

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  1. Oh right, so that was what that talk show was about tonight.

    I was wondering who that Sylvia Kristel was they were talking about.