Monday, 22 October 2012

SHOCKtober '12: WEEK 3

Watching 32 horror movies in one month whilst navigating a full time job is proving to be just as difficult as I thought it would be. Last week I only managed five (horror) movies which was a little disappointing. Although I did have a night off to watch Emmanuelle, so it would have been six horror movies had Syliva Kristel not died. Damnit Sylvia, why couldn't you have held out until November?! (Just kidding. R.I.P Syliva Kristel)

Here are my thoughts on last week's selection...

Demonic Toys (1992) - In the same vein as Puppet Master - a warehouse full of possessed toys kill those who are trapped inside. One of the characters is even watching Puppet Master on TV at the beginning of the film. Fun fact: This was written by David S. Goyer who wrote Batman Begins with Christopher Nolan.

F (2010) - British slasher movie. School teachers are stalked and killed by a group of psychotic students. Decent movie, but it is never explained why they are killing everyone. I know most kids hate their teachers, but this is a little extreme.

Storage 24 (2012) - British sci-fi horror. A bunch of people trapped inside a storage warehouse have to fight off a rather nasty alien. From the same director as F. The creature effects are a little ropey and I am really not a fan of CGI gore, but this is definitely worth a watch.

Re-Animator (1985) - Sci-fi horror classic. A mad scientist invents a serum that brings the dead back to life. Once back in the land of the living, or rather - re-animated, they are not quite the same as they were before. This is a little slow to get going, but the last 30 minutes are excellent! Good old fashioned 80s madness!

Bait (2012) - Australian shark movie. A tsunami floods a coastal town and a bunch of people get trapped inside a supermarket, along with two great whites. Don't you hate it when that happens?!? Entertaining movie, thoroughly enjoyed.

So, I didn't get to watch any Danielle Harris movies, damnit. And I now only have a week and a bit left of SHOCKtober (sad face). If I am going to watch everything that I intended to watch this month then I really need to step my game up!


  1. Suggestions for your final list:

    Grave Encounters (found footage, but CREEPY)
    From Beyond
    Psycho II (I actually like it better than the original)

    1. Thanks for the suggestions but I already have far too many films to watch in the remaining few days of the month. However, I will take note of them for next year! :D

  2. If I tried to tackle this project I would never sleep again. I can't even handle one scary movie much less one each day! kudos to you for not being a wuss like me lol

  3. Oh God I can't handle puppet movies.

    I have faith that you can make it to 32!