Wednesday, 5 December 2012


December is here! Which means I am no longer going to be a Scrooge about people getting into the Christmas spirit too early. My pet peeve is people putting up decorations in November! An even bigger pet peeve is when I see Christmas paraphernalia popping up before Halloween. BEFORE HALLOWEEN! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME?!?

Anyways, it is now December so I am officially allowing myself to feel Christmassy. I don't usually watch Christmas movies and put up decorations until mid-December but this year I'm all like "Say whaaaaat?!?" and have already watched like four Christmas movies aaaand put my decorations up (and by "decorations" I mean I put some coloured lights on my Dragon tree)...

That's my Dragon tree, his name is George. I'm not too sure he is enjoying all those red hot little bulbs getting all up in his shit.

I had the suckiest November in the history of Novembers! It began with me realising that I am still in love with my ex-girlfriend and ended with me nearly getting fired from my job. I guess that is why I have so whole heartedly jumped into the Christmas spirit this year. I need something to save me. Or at least distract me.

On an even more depressing note, I recently realised that this will be my first Christmas in six years that I don't have a girlfriend to by presents for. I have been trying (and failing) not to dwell on this fact too much. I have been exclaiming with artificial glee that I can now buy more presents for myself! Yay! Bullshit. The truth is I miss having a girlfriend to buy presents for. I miss having a girlfriend.

This was supposed to be a fun post about getting into the Christmas spirit and it has turned into a one way journey to Self Pity City. Fuck.

On a brighter note, last night I watched Silent Night (2012) - the remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984). It was fucking awesome! I love the original and was sceptical about seeing the remake (As I am about any remake). The original is a fun 80s slasher about a psycho Santa Claus. The remake shifts the focus from the killer's back story to the police hunt to find him. Malcolm McDowell, as the police chief, plays the role to perfection. He completely over-acts and absolutely nails the hilarious one-liners. Genius. If you're a fan of slasher movies, definitely check this out! If you're a fan of Christmas but not a fan of slasher movies, definitely avoid it. It will ruin you.

I love the fact that when Silent Night, Deadly Night came out in the 80s it caused moral fucking panic amongst do-gooders and parents and Christians and such. Silent Night ramps up the violence to 12 and is way darker than the original and no one bats a fucking eyelid any more. What does that say about the world we live in?!? Fucked if I know.

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. I read this and I laughed and... felt a little sad. I know what it's like to have such realizations around Christmas. I'm sorry you feel that way. You will feel better eventually though. Just distract yourself this Christmas, or something. Lots of gluhwein and stuff, heh.

    Anyway, do you "do" awards? I don't know... have I given you an award before? ...I don't know. You deserve one though. I've got one for you.

    Come grab it if you like (but it comes with rules!):

  2. Wow my first award! I am honoured. Thank you Sabrina.

  3. Hey! I found you over at Sabrina's. She's right about your blog :) This was really sad, this kind of sad, traumatic dwelling is very festive.

    i like your tree.

  4. Hey Martin. I totally agree with you about Christmas before December. I refuse to decorate or put a tree up before Dec. 1, sometimes alot later than that. Another thing that peeves me is not taking it all down by Jan. 2 at the latest. Christmas is gone by Christmas night, right? Sorry about you feelin so blue. Why not try to throw yourself into doing everything that you can to be successful in your career, debt free, and healthy motivated? Do that and forget about having a girlfriend or even looking for one. Usually they will flock to you then. Don't get me wrong, I don't know you or if any of this is a problem to you, just sayin it should help. New follower from the BSN blog hop. Good luck and I will be in the background watching your blog and rootin for ya.

  5. Enjoyed your post and agree that too early is incredibly annoying. :-P Just found you via the BSN Blog hop. Ever see the movie "Black Christmas"? Or how about the "Tales from the Crypt" episode where a psycho Santa terrorizes and kills a whole family? Spellbinding stuff, but, sure puts a damper on goodwill. ;-)

  6. I can't stand it when people put decorations up before December. Normally I'm the first one with the lights and decs up come the beginning of December, but not this year. I totally agree with you - not having a girlfriend sucks ass.