Wednesday, 13 March 2013


This week I bought me some new music. It's a sad fact that purchasing music in exchange for my hard earned currency does not happen as regularly as it should. Inventions such as YouTube, and torrenting mean that music is all too often available without the parting of monies. Nobody likes to admit that they use torrents. I feel dirty admitting to it, but yes, I torrent. Yes, I am a fiend.

I do, however, make an active effort to purchase music by independent artists. This week I discovered a killer punk band called Off With Their Heads. I torrented their first two albums, but bought their third and newly released album, Home, and also some merch from their online store. That evens out, right? Alas, that is not the band I want to talk about right now (but totally check them out if you dig angry punk music). This week, I also bought an EP called Creature of Nature, by a band called Outer Spaces.

Outer Spaces is singer Cara Beth Satalino's band. I discovered her first band, Witches, many years ago on MySpace and I have been following her ever since. That sounds rather stalker-like, I will rephrase; I have been following her musical endeavours ever since. She has an amazing voice that totally reminds me of Chan Marhsall (Cat Power). She is also a great songwriter. Every song is a story. A visceral, immersive adventure. Each one like a little three minute movie. All beautiful.

The EP is on sale for the small sum of $6 (or more if you're feeling generous) and the proceeds will go towards funding the purchase of a new van so that she can go on tour. A noble and worthy cause if ever there was one. The EP can be found over on her bandcamp page, so if you dig her sound and can spare the funds, buy the music. Please do. I really want to see her live!


  1. Not bad, and it looks like they're trying to come out our way!

  2. Ooh. Yeah, I dig this. For some reason listening to it took me right back to grade nine. I feel like the older drama club kids would have played it at parties while they smoked pot and I sat around trying to look cool and giggling nervously with my friends.