Friday, 12 April 2013



19 today!

(Well, that is the lie that I tell any one that asks. Officially I am 26, but shhhh!)

By default this year is infinitely better than my last birthday. As nobody can break up with me this year. That's right people, last year my girlfriend broke up with me... on my birthday! (Don't worry Laura I'm not really bitter about it, but you know I'm going to remind you about it for the rest of ever! XD) So, unless I like, get run over or die or something, the chances are that today is going to be a good day, or at least, better.

I got a wake up phone call from my dad at 6:55am. Yeah, thanks for that. Then as I drifted off back to sleep, my brother rings me at 7:20am. Again, thanks. Then to make matters even more hilarious (and by "hilarious" I mean "HAHA NOT SO MUCH") my alarm, which I'd forgotten to turn off the night before, went off at 7:30am. Brilliant. So I decided, fuck this, and got up and made a cup of tea. Then I was all like "Man, that tea was awesome and it's my motherfuckin' birthday so I'm gonna make me another cup of tea!". So I had two cups of tea. I'm so rock 'n' roll it is untrue. Then at 8am my sister rang me and was all "Did I wake you up?!?" and I was all "Ha! No! You're too late!"... what is it with my family and taking great pleasure in waking people up ridiculously early on their birthday?!? God damn.

Today I am going back to the home town to see the old dear a.k.a the lady that birthed me 26 19 years ago a.k.a my mummy. For all my Bukowski loving, punk rock listening, cider drinking and general reckless abandonment for life, I am really just a big ol' Mummy's boy. But shhhhh, don't tell any one!

After hanging out with my mum and seeing the rest of the family I am then going to hang out with my best friend, Kama. We're going to get our cider on and dance around her flat to Frank Turner. Because day drinking is perfectly acceptable on one's birthday. AND THAT'S HOW WE DO!

Kama and I at a Frank Turner show last November
Last year, this song was the soundtrack to my birthday. Good song, but depressing. It encapsulated perfectly everything that I was feeling that day. THIS YEAR. This year the soundtrack to my birthday is this song...


  1. That's how we doooooo! Yes. Remember if you have Champaign at 8 am your probably an alcoholic... but if you add orange juice to your glass it's just an early brunch ;)

    Happppppy Birthday!

    Hope your day was fantastic & full of joyous day-drinking. :)

  3. Happy birthday! I hope it was infinitely better than last year's. I have bad birthday luck. My neighbor's house burnt down on my thirteenth birthday and I had an appendectomy right before my 17th birthday. Usually I have the cold or flu on my birthday because that's one of the joys of winter birthdays.

  4. Happy Birthday! Even though I'm a bit late, lol.