Saturday, 4 May 2013


I have recently begun watching The X-Files. A show I have been meaning to watch for a long time now. I always put it off due to the fact that nine seasons and two movies is somewhat of a lengthy commitment, and an endeavour one has to be fully dedicated to in order to appreciate. My fellow blogger, pen pal and all round lovely person Hanna over at Excelsior Lady is a huge fan of the show and her love for it is largely what spurred me on to make the commitment.

I never followed the show when it was on television. Not least because it started twenty years ago and I was only six years old. And of all the shows that started in 1993, to a six year old Power Rangers > X-Files (Hell, even some days as a twenty six year old Power Rangers > X-Files. Amiright?). My father had several of the early seasons on VHS and I remember picking out video tapes at random and watching sporadic episodes. Clearly I wasn't as OCD about chronology as a child as I am now. I have very vague memories of episodes that I watched during that time and I am looking forward to being able to place them when I come across those episodes now.

So far I am two episodes shy of finishing season one. To be perfectly honest, I have been slightly disappointed so far. Maybe disappointed is the wrong word, more surprised perhaps. Season one hasn't really had much of a story arc. The episodes that deal with UFOs and extraterrestrials have been excellent but there is a lot of 'baddie of the week' filler. Don't get me wrong, I love shows that have a baddie of the week structure (Hello Power Rangers!) but I was expecting the episodes to connect with each other a little more than they have done thus far. Although I fully expect this to happen as the seasons progress.

Also, Cigarette Smoking Man has only appeared in like two episodes so far! And his cigarette to dialogue ratio, frankly, is cancer inducing.

Also, God damn it I want Mulder and Scully to get together already!

Along with the commitment of nine seasons and two movies, the other thing that had been putting me off watching The X-Files was David Duchovny. As you're probably aware I am a HUGE fan of Californication. Favourite. Show. Ever. Hank Moody is my hero. Seeing Duchovny play anyone other than Moody was always going to be weird for me. After 22 episodes I think I have managed to distance Fox Mulder from David Duchovny from Hank Moody. However there is still a little part of my that waits for Mulder to pull out a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of whiskey and seriously, Hank would have nailed Scully in episode one! Motherfuckerrrrrrrrr!

Interesting Californication/X-Files Fact: Callum Keith Rennie (Who played Lou Ashby is Californication), Jason Beghe (Who plays Richard Bates in Californication) and Maggie Wheeler (Who played Ophelia in Californication [Although is more well known as Janice from Friends]) all guest star in episodes of The X-Files Season One.

EDIT: Hanna wrote me an X-Files guide which literally just arrived in the post. It is amazing and has made me want to watch every episode RIGHT NOW! And Hanna, yes! That is why I love it, too.


  1. I am so excited that you're liking it (even with season 1 being what it is) and I'm SO EXCITED that damn letter finally came! Holy shit I can't wait until you get to season 4! Or at least the good stuff in season 2. Ahhhh

    Duchovny dated Maggie Wheeler for a while, isn't that weird? Ophelia was the most fucking amazing wackjob character on Californication, I loved her.

    1. I can't really picture Maggie Wheeler and DD together. That is very weird. No offense to Maggie Wheeler but Téa Leoni she ain't.

      I really was beginning to think the letter would never arrive. I shall be replying next week. Writing letters is the best.

    2. I'd just like to point out that I am now officially on season 3 and have yet to receive a guide. I sense some favoritism.

  2. I am about to finally start watch X-Files too. I'm glad I found out that season 1 isn't so great but season 2 is better before I started watching it. Otherwise I might have just quit part way through season 1 and that would be tragic.

    1. I am currently half way through Season 2 and it gets better and better. Not that Season 1 is bad, it's not at all, it's just a slow burner.

  3. Ok, first of all--force Hannah be my friend. I skipped this post last week in part because I was busy in part because it MADE ME SO FLIPPIN ENVIOUS. ahem. Many happy episodes lie between here and the cigarette smoking man getting his face blown off in flame. I can literally name all the eps where they come close to kissing or they do and it's an alternate universe. Have fun!