Tuesday, 23 July 2013


This past Sunday was Pirate Day in my home town of Hastings. It has been an annual event in the town since 2009. It started as a (successful) attempt to break the world record for most people dressed as a pirate in one place and has been happening every year since. Although this year they didn't even bother counting everyone. I think maybe Hastings still holds the world record from last year.

This year was my first time in attendance. Every other year I have been out of town and thus missed the shenanigans. Chances are that I will not even be in the country this time next year so I may well miss it next time. Generally there are two different types of people that attend Pirate Day... Those with young children that have seen Pirates of the Caribbean too many times and those who will jump on any excuse to dress up as a pirate and get good and drunk. I fall into the latter category.  After all, there are only a certain amount of days throughout the year when it is acceptable to have a Jagerbomb for breakfast...

Pirates drank Jagermeister, right?
All in all it was a fantastic day, spent with fantastic friends and I am going to miss each and every one of those scurvy dogs when I am off sailing the seven seas next year. I am sure there will be plenty of days upon which it is acceptable to dress up silly and drink Jagerbombs for breakfast in Canada... right?


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  2. You'll probably need the jagerbombs to stay warm in Canadaland!


  3. Here in Canada we don't judge...especially on the west coast :P
    if dressing up as a pirate is the craziest you can come up with you are not trying hard enough!

  4. If it's not acceptable to dress silly and drink in the morning, then my whole household is fucked. Well, okay, we are regardless but whatever.

  5. Wut? Promise me December 8th and time traveler day will not go unnoticed. We need to do this together. Solidarity, from the future!