Thursday, 18 July 2013


So, England is in the midst of a heatwave. Anyone familiar with the these shores will know that this is highly irregular. THIS IS ENGLAND. Most summers go by with not so much as two consecutive days worth of warn weather let alone over a week of 30+ degree temperatures. Thanks, global warming!

The thing about us Brits is that we fucking love to complain about our shitty summers and how we never get a decent amount of sunshine. It's what we do. We moan when it is too cold, we moan when it rains, we moan when it snows, and now everybody is moaning because it is too hot. At first everybody loved it, but now they're all covered in sun burn and sweat and are plagued by hay fever and sun stroke the novelty has worn off. We're never fucking satisfied.

I would like to point out at this stage that I have been consistently bitching and complaining about the heat since day one. A fan of hot weather I am not. At all. There is nothing I find worse than feeling sweaty and sticky and uncomfortable in my own skin. Urgh. That is why my favourite season is winter. Give me a coat and scarf and gloves and MY MOTHERFUCKIN' GREEN HAT any day of the week. Parting with my hat was the most difficult thing to do in the world ever. I pretty much wore it right up to the point where I'd be drenched in sweat whenever I took it off. Sexy, I know. I still carry it around in my bag with me where ever I go, you know, just in the hope that the relentless heat will cease to be a thing.

Yeah, I'm far too into my hat.

The one good thing to come out of all this hot ass weather has been plenty of barbecues. This past Sunday myself and a bunch of friends hung out in a park, had some barbecue, drank some booze and played some rounders. Yes, I partook in physical activity! It was probably the first time I have ran in like three years. I know this because it is now Tuesday (Well, it is passed midnight so technically it is now Wednesday, but whatevs) and my legs have only just stopped aching. I am so unfit and I don't even care. Somebody hand me another cigarette!

I am so white trash.


  1. This post made me laugh for a number of reasons:

    a) Awww, you lot don't know what to do with all this sun! It's sweet. Also, you don't really know what summer means if 25C is making you all hot and sweaty. 25C is almost pleasant in some parts of Asia-Pacific!

    b) Rounders! Eek! I haven't played Rounders since PE class! I complained bitterly about having to play it at school- I always felt as though it was such a rubbish/boring sport.

    1. Rounders is wicked fun! Especially after a few drinks. Although after a few drinks actually hitting the ball becomes significantly more of a challenge. Haha.

  2. Haha I found a great picture about the heat yesterday. Freaking corn on the cob... went outside and came back popcorn. Is it hot out bro? lolz

  3. Dude, I'm the same way when it comes to heat. I've lived in Portland, Oregon all of my life and it's always overcast/rainy here. We have about three hot days a year and I always want to wear my favorite sweater anyway. I can totally understand your attachment to your hat. I feel that way about my favorite sweater and also multiple scarves.

  4. Oh man fuck you right to hell! This week Belleville has been mostly in the 40s and that's pretty normal this time of year. Mid-August feels like the fiery pits of hell when it spikes into the 50s.

  5. I hear you about abnormal heat...I live in Vancouver, BC and we rarely go above 22 in the summer. We are consistently hitting 28 and up. it I driving me nuts.

    it is not even a nice hot. just a humid evil hot.
    But you are right...BBQ is always a win

  6. Fucking BBQz--essentially my happy place. Want to trade? It stays in the upper 30's is foggy and rains. The sun only shines when my sunglasses are clearly at home. It's basically a rule.

  7. Seattle has been so hot lately too! And I've also been complaining about it from day one. Today it rained and I got to wear a hoodie again! It made me very happy. I love rain.