Saturday, 31 August 2013


Exactly one week ago this very hour I was standing in a field next to my best friend, amidst torrential rain, ankle deep in mud, watching Frank Turner belt out a ditty or two. It was pretty fucking awesome. Leeds Festival as a whole was pretty fucking awesome...

In my pre-Festival post I mentioned that there were five acts that I was looking forward to above all others: Frank Turner (Obvs), Off With Their Heads, Alkaline Trio, Chuck Ragan and Eminem. Due to being a stupidfaceidiothead I missed Alkaline Trio. I couldn't remember what time they were playing, or on what stage, and you know, alcohol. I am beginning to think that I will never see Alkaline Trio live. Last year I had tickets to see them but no one to go with so I sold them. And now this. I also missed Chuck Ragan because my stupid best friend had a stupid asthma attack and had to go to the stupid medical tent (It's okay, she's fine.) Off With Their Heads were awesome. The only downside was that there was only about thirty people in the crowd and from what I could see only about three of us knew the words to their songs. I lost my shit when they played Clear the Air. Eminem was a let down. We only stayed for half his set. He opened with a bunch of old songs but would only do the first verse and the chorus and then move onto the next one. I get pissed off when DJs do that let alone artists when they are performing live. Don't start a song and then stop just as I'm getting the fuck into it. I do kinda regret leaving halfway through but I've seen him before so whatevs.

The weather pretty much sucked for the first half of the weekend. I have never walked through so much mud in all my life! It rained the entire of Friday night and again on Saturday so it was like walking around in 12 inches of whipped cream. Then on Sunday it was sunny and warm. A nice change from being constantly cold and wet, however, it turned the 12 inches of whipped cream into 12 inches of sticky fudge. Every step anywhere required effort. It was horrendous but I wouldn't change a thing about it. I got away easy at my first festival earlier this summer; minimal mud and minimal rain. I feel now that I've had a proper festival experience. Go hard or go home is our festival "catch phrase", and trust me, plenty of people were bailing out and going home by Sunday morning. Pussies.

Highlight of the festival: Ridiculous fanboy that I am seeing Frank Turner was undoubtedly the highlight. Even if he was slightly broken. (Dude needs back surgery and was advised not to perform but went ahead and played anyway. Hero.)

Fun Frank Turner related story: He has a song called Glory Hallelujah which is about the non-existence of God. As he played that particular number the motherfucking heaven's opened (Pun intended. WHUT?) and the rain absolutely POURED down. If there is a God he/she was most certainly sending a message to our little atheist sing-a-long. Hahaha. Cunt. 

Best band that I'd never heard before that totally rocked: King Prawn. A British ska punk band. I have no idea how I'd never heard these guys before, especially seeing as they have been around since the nineties. They were rad.

Best band that I'd heard before and wasn't excited to see but were fucking awesome: Skindred. I've never been a fan but they kicked ass.

Biggest regret: Aside from missing Alkaline Trio and Chuck Ragan and leaving halfway through Eminem, my biggest regret is choosing to watch Chase & Status over Sick Of It All. What the fuck was I thinking?!?

Biggest relief: That Drunk Martin didn't do anything stupid. Although I kinda regret that just as much as I am relieved by it. I have a reputation to uphold! (A reputation for being a drunken idiot is something to be proud of, right?)

Festival season is over now. Which is good because I don't think neither my body nor my bank account could handle another one any time soon. If I am still in the UK next summer then I will be at Download Festival with motherfucking bells on but I'd only do Leeds again if the line-up is as good as this years. If I find myself in Canada by next summer, which hopefully I will, then I am most certainly hitting up some festivals out there. For reals.

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  1. You missed Alkaline Trio?! I am disappoint. And holy hell that's a load of mud! Can't say I'm surprised at Eminem not being that great, but I probably woulda stayed the whole set anyway just for the sake of it. Maybe. Who knows. Let's hope that if you're here next summer, the Toronto Riot Fest won't be the steaming pile of disappointing "whyyy?" it was this year.

    Still bitter that in one summer you've gone from never attending a single one, to hitting up two festivals I've been dying to go to since my teen years. Way to steal my dreams. Dick.