Friday, 23 August 2013


After losing my music festival virginity in June at Download I have most definitely caught the festival bug. Festivals are awesome, you guys. I'm not even a huge fan of metal but I enjoyed the shit out of everything. It was like nothing else I have ever experienced. I think the coolest part, musical awesomeness aside, was just being surrounded by like minded people. Young and old alike, of all races and creeds, everyone there for the same reason: To have a good time and rock the fuck out to some awesome bands.

Today, myself and two friends are travelling to Leeds Festival. What with my current state of unemployment I really shouldn't be spending several hundred pounds on going to festivals but the line-up was just too killer to miss. The experience will be a little different to Download. Last time there was about nine of us all camping together whereas this time there is just the three of us. Also, Leeds Festival is, I am told, going to be a slightly younger crowd than Download was. It is also boasts a more varied mixture of genres, so the crowd will not be as collectively like minded (i.e Not ALL metalheads). Of course no matter what the genre everyone is still there to have a good time and hear some motherfuckin' music, so it's all good.

As with Download I am sure that there will be more than one band that catches me off guard and converts me (Yes, I am looking at you Slipknot. That's right... Me. A Slipknot fan. Who woulda guessed?!?). Most of all though I am SUPER FUCKING EXCITED to see Frank Turner, Off With Their Heads, Alkaline Trio, Chuck Ragan and Eminem. I would have paid the price of admission to see those five alone, let alone all of the other awesome bands that are playing.

Hopefully, unlike at Download, I won't get so drunk that on the very first night there I pee up the side of my own tent then proceed to spill cider inside of said tent thus submerging and destroying my mobile phone. 

Who am I kidding?!? As if Sober Martin has a say in the matter. Drunk Martin does what he wants. XD


  1. You are the worst! Go from no festivals at all to two I've been dying to attend for the past... I can't even remember how many years. And that lineup! Fuck! Nine Inch fucking NAILS.

    Have fun, ya dick.

  2. I second Luka's "Have fun, ya dick." There are some pretty good bands on that lineup. I'm jealous.