Monday, 16 September 2013


It's almost that time of year again! October SHOCKtober is fast approaching and being the Halloween/horror movie fan/nerd/loser that I am I tend to start getting a little bit excited around about now. Kinda like a little kid just before Christmas. Or a fat kid just before a trip to KFC.

Regulars here at IN PURSUIT OF EXPRESSION will know that throughout SHOCKtober I like to challenge myself to watch as many horror movies as physically possible and then write about them in the form of those succinct and witty reviews that you have come to know and love. Haha, I jest. I doubt any of the actually read them, but I always have so much fun with the whole watching/reviewing thing that I tend to feel somewhat empty and lost by the time November rears its ugly, boring, pointless head.

Sooooo in order to prevent November being the most depressing month of the year I have decided that I am just going to carry on watching horror movies and writing about them forever and ever and ever. MWAHAHAHAHA! Thus I have created a brand new blog...

The reason for the new blog is because I am pretty sure about 98% of my followers here don't really give two shits about horror movies (or what I think of them). So rather than boring you all half to death by rambling on about shit that you don't care about all the live long day (Like I don't do that anyway, right?), those of you that do like horror movies can just mosey on over there. The rest of you lovely people can remain here and continue to read all the non-horror movie related crap that you don't care about. Everybody wins!


  1. Well. Now I want KFC. And I shall send my horror-onclined friends to the new blog!

  2. I watch horror movies all the time but I only review them if they're the best ever or truly awful. I'm going to go follow your new blog now.