Friday 6 September 2013


soucre: Gazoo

One month ago today marked the four year anniversary of the passing of filmmaker John Hughes. I always try to watch one of his movies on August 6th, however this year, ashamedly, I forgot. Therefore today, one month late, I am going to watch Ferris Beueller's Day Off. My favourite John Hughes movie is, without doubt, The Breakfast Club, which is closely followed by Pretty In Pink with Ferris Beueller in at number three (Unless you ask me at Christmas time, then Home Alone definitely sneaks in to the top three).

What is your favourite John Hughes movie?


  1. The Breakfast Club. No competition whatsoever.

  2. I'm so into Ferris! That movie may have a slight something to do with the fact that the first time I ever skipped an afternoon in high school was with a boy who owned a red convertible. He wasn't terribly clever or charming and didn't take me anywhere cool though. Just to the mall in the next city.