Thursday, 3 October 2013


Today is National Poetry Day in the UK. Apparently. I only know this because Twitter told me. #NationalPoetryDay. Seriously, how did people find stuff out before Twitter was a thing? Do the rest of the world have National Poetry Days? Is there an International Poetry Day? I have no idea but I am sure when those days do occur, if they do, Twitter will tell me. 

I have been enjoying discovering some awesome new poems today as well as sharing some favourites of my own. The great thing about the internet, besides the all knowing Twitter, is YouTube. I don't even need to read poetry any more, I can just watch it instead. Haha. That sounds super lazy (which it is), but I actually really enjoy poetry readings, probably more so than written poetry. A good poetry permoance can totally bring a poem to life and add a whole new depth and texture to it that may have gone unnoticed on the page. Here are a few of my favourites...

#1 Dylan Garity - 'Friend Zone'

This is a fairly recent discovery but man this is a powerful poem. Nobody likes being 'friend zoned' but this dude makes some good points and may even make you change the way you feel about the whole concept. I wouldn't go as far as to say my feelings on the topic have entirely changed, because it still sucks, but this poem is rad.


#2 Polarbear - 'Jessica'

I was first introduced to Polarbear a few years ago by a good friend of mine and this poem is probably my favourite of his. It is about everything from being a child, to first love to growing up and having children of your own. One comment on YouTube describes it as "an ocean of emotion" which is pretty funny, but quite apt.

#3 Dizraeli - 'The Little Things'

Dizraeli is primarily a rapper, his band Dizraeli and The Small Gods are rad and you should totally check them out if you like thought provoking, funny hip hop. The poem is about making sure you say the things that matter to the people that matter, especially the little things, and leave nothing unsaid. It's really quite beautiful.



  1. If you like spoken word poetry, I can't recommend Andrea Gibson enough. She breaks my heart on a regular basis. And since you were looking at button poetry, it's impossible to have not seen Neil Hilborn.

    Some of my favourite Andrea Gibson pieces (which is ALL OF THEM EVER):

    How it Ends:

    (I don't know what it is about this really kind of messy performance but I love it- maybe it's the amount of vulnerability in this) 'I sing the body electric especially when my power's out':

    Madness Vase:

    Letter to a Playground Bully by Andrea Aged 8 1/2:

    (I am FULL of spoken word poetry.. let me know if I haven't completely put you off with my kind of scary obsession with this)

  2. Oh man. Friendzone gave me absolute chills. I'm SO sick of hearing people complain about that and he summed up why so beautifully! I may have to borrow this one from you for a future post.

    Also, I really love this one: