Wednesday, 6 November 2013


I am pleased to announce that I am (finally) getting under way with Issue #2 of my literary zine 'Paper & Ink'. The theme of which is 'Home'. I am incredibly proud of how Issue #1 turned out and not wanting to rush into Issue #2 and take a hit in quality, I have been taking my time to seek out some truly exceptional talents to feature in the issue. 

The line-up (so far) consists of three excellent British poets; Hand Job zine editor J.E.G, anti-fascist poet Andy Carrington and performance poet Henry Raby. After the diverse international line-up of Issue #1 it is nice to feature some quality local poets this time around. However, not wanting to lose the international diversity completely there will also be a short story from the lovely Risha of you can read me anything. I am yet to read any of her fiction writing but her blog posts are always beautifully written so I can not wait to see what she writes for the zine (No pressure!).

I am still looking for more short stories for the issue, and preferably some more female contributors (Come on, ladies!). So, If you are a writer of short stories or poetry I'd love to hear from you. Even if you have never written anything before but you have always wanted to, now is your chance! Get involved! Also, if you're reading this and you are not a writer but you happen to know of a budding writer or poet then please pass them a link to this post, it would be most helpful, thank you.

If you have a short story or poem on the subject of 'Home' (whatever that word means to you), then e-mail it to:

I am also on the look out for an illustration for the front cover. (The cover for Issue #1 was illustrated by my good friend and fellow zinester Maggie) So again, if you are an illustrator or know of one who you think may be interested, drop me a line or drop them a link.

Also, for those interested, there are still plenty of copies of Issue #1 available in the Etsy store.


  1. You might come to regret asking me to write, Martin- especially as you haven't read any of my fiction writing :) xxxx

    1. I have faith. I wouldn't have asked you if I didn't! :P

  2. Woooooooooo #2! If you don't find anything better, you could use my "Home Is Where The Booze Is" drawing for the cover.

    1. Dude, I would be freaking honoured to use some Luka artwork on the cover. My only reservation is that as much as I love your "Home Is Where The Booze Is" drawing, it is kinda similar in style to the artwork on #1 and I'm thinking I might go for something a little different for #2, I don't know though. Thanks for the offer! XD