Monday, 6 January 2014


So, it's a New Year. Blah blah, resolutions, whatever. I don't make new year resolutions, I think they're stupid. I'm not going to join a gym, or eat healthily, or drink less, or stop smoking, or whatever else people say they are going to do and then completely fail at anyway. New year resolutions have never made sense to me, surely if there is something about your life that you want to change, just fucking change it... Don't wait for a new year, just do it. Do it right the fuck now.

It turns out that I am actually pretty happy with my life right now. All I want to do this year is have adventures (and maybe get a proper grown up persons job... But then again, maybe not. Maybe FUCK THAT). Adventure #1 of the year took place at the weekend. My girlfriend decided she wanted to get out of town for the night so she booked a hotel and we went and got drunk in a random city - the lovely city of Canterbury, to be precise. It was my first time in Canterbury and it's a super nice place; full of cool pubs, independent shops and cafes and a butt load of history. Oh, did I mention that I have a girlfriend now? Yeah, that kinda came out of nowhere. I'm not going to talk about her too much because I don't want to be that guy. All I will say is that she is awesome and that we met at a Filaments gig. I like being able to say that we met at a Filaments gig because it makes me sound so much cooler than I actually am.


IT'S TIME TO PLAN THE BIG ADVENTURE OF THE SUMMER! Last summer I lost my festival virginity to Download, and then also went to Leeds festival for good measure. This year, myself and the merry band of degenerates and miscreants that I call friends, will be attending Sonisphere festival instead of Download. At the time of writing only the headline acts have been announced but as of 5:30pm today they will be announcing more bands. The reason for Sonisphere over Download is twofold, firstly it is closer to home = less driving, and also because Iron Maiden, Metallica and The Prodgidy (Sonisphere headliners) > Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park and Aerosmith (Download headliners). I am keeping my fingers crossed for good news regarding today's announcement.

Issue #2 of my literary zine Paper and Ink is coming on nicely. The line-up of writers is complete and I am now waiting on them to submit their pieces so that I can begin putting it all together (the fun part!). I am still on the lookout for someone to illustrate the front cover, however I do have someone in mind. I just need to ask them very nicely.  (Paper and Ink Issue #1 'Broken Hearts and Broken Bottles' is still available RIGHT HERE).

Just before Christmas my best friend and I were a little bit drunkface and, in anticipation of seeing Frank Turner and Flogging Molly in February, we were scouring the internet in search of a Frank Turner patch for my jacket. Unable to find any evidence that Frank Turner patches exist or have existed anywhere ever, we decided, in our drunken wisdom, that we would create our own. We took Frank's FTHC logo and sent if off to several companies that make embroidered patches to order. Not satisfied with just one patch we decided it would be a good idea to order 200. That way, I could have a patch for my jacket, and we could also fill the need of all those other poor Frank Turner fans out there that desperately want to patch up but can't. WELL, NOW THEY CAN! I am sure we are breaking some kind of copyright infringement law by reproducing and selling this, but whatever, we're just giving the people what they want! Oh, and did I mention that I am seeing Frank Turner and Flogging fucking Molly next month?!? XD

Next week I will be adventuring down to Southampton for a friend's 30th birthday celebrations. A pub lunch crawl. I am very much looking forward to seeing my uni friends and drunkenly hugging/annoying the crap out of all of them. THE JAGERBOMBS ARE ON ME! (They're not really, I'm skint. Sorry, you guys).


  1. Oh/Ugh, J├Ągerbombs. Too many drunken nights have started (and ended) with those for me to ever associate them with anything but a vague sense of getting smashed, poor decision-making, and/or ending up at some point in the night/next morning with my face far too close to a toilet bowl.


    Also: Canterbury! The bit about Canterbury I found absolutely fucking hilarious was that STARBUCKS basically shared a wall with Canterbury Cathedral: what. the. fuck.

    Also, Canterbury has the BEST fudge I've ever eaten. Please tell me you stopped at Fudge Kitchen? SO good.

    And: yay girlfriend! yay festivals! yay being AWESOME.


  2. I've always thought resolutions are stupid. Just something to make the bloated holiday over-eaters feel better about their general lack of drive in life, pretending for a couple weeks they're gonna do something to make a change. Then disappearing back into the monotony of their effortlessly boring lives when the novelty of a new calendar wears off. Pfft. Dumb.

    Happy new year, fucko! :)

  3. Definitely avoid that whole Proper Grown Up Person's Job thing if you can. Total nonsense.

  4. I gave up on resolutions for New Years. If I want to change something I'll change it because I want to not because it's "a new year". Plus I'm pretty happy with things right now and YES to adventures. A big giant YES

  5. Having adventures is an awesome plan the new year. I love having adventures!