Tuesday, 4 February 2014


So, I have been listening to a lot of podcasts recently. Because who doesn't love a podcast?!? Podcasts are awesome. I love them. Don't you? Of course you do. Because they're awesome. If you don't listen to podcasts then shut up, you're lying. But just in case you aren't lying... Firstly, what's wrong with you? And secondly, you're in luck, because I am about to share with you a selection of the awesome podcasts that I have been enjoying the shit out of recently. Because sharing is caring and such on and so forth...


Directors (and stars of sitcom Holliston) Adam Green and Joe Lynch host this brilliant film making-related podcast. They have special guests on each week from all aspects of the movie industry, from costume designers to agents to writers and directors. Their discussions offer fantastic (and hilarious) insight into the fucked up world of Hollywood. Even if you're not interested in the film making process it is still a funny and interesting listen.


Author and all round awesome Canadian person Chris Eng started this podcast back in October on which he plays his favourite punk rock songs. Chris, like myself, has a predilection for female-fronted punk bands so I've discovered some great stuff because of this podcast. I also got a shout out on episode 3 because I recommended some British bands to him, so I'm basically famous now. But whatever.


"A couple of angry queer kids talking about pop culture" is how Jack and Daniel describe their podcast and it's a pretty apt description. They generally talk about LGBTQ issues relating to pop culture and it's a fascinating and entertaining listen. They're also rather funny chaps with great taste in music and I've discovered some fantastic bands because of them.


Damian Alexander interviews punk bands. That's pretty much the gist of it. If you don't like punk then you probably won't get much out of this, but if you do then you'll fucking love it. Damian is a funny dude and his interviews are great. I only discovered this podcast recently but I have been devouring the archive. A particular highlight was an episode from a couple of years ago when he interviewed Red City Radio whilst slightly inebriated.


Comedian Marty DeRosa interviews pro wrestlers and other entertainment industry types with an emphasis on discussing mental health issues. It's eye opening, but also hilarious at the same time. Well worth a listen even if you have zero interest in pro wrestling.


Ed Robinson presents this Boxing podcast alongside Spencer "The Knowledge" Fearon for Sky Sports. Being a Sky production there is a particular focus on Matchroom Boxing but they do cover other British promotions, as well as top international fights. Worth a listen just for Spencer Fearon; a genuinely nice, funny guy who really knows his boxing.

Other comedy podcasts: The Frank Skinner Show, Hang Out With Me  
Other wrestling podcasts: The Art of Wrestling, The Steve Austin Show, Talk Is Jericho  
Other punk podcasts: Punknews Podcast  
Other boxing podcasts: Buncey's Boxing Podcast

Yeah, that's basically what I have been listening to recently. There are like a million more podcasts out there, but there just isn't enough time in the day to listen to all of them. However, I am always up for discovering awesome new shit, so if you know of an outstanding podcast that would enrich my life then please share!

Also, I just realised how succinctly that list of podcasts sums up my interests: movies, punk, pro wrestling and boxing. All I need now is a podcast about 80s/90s kids TV shows and I'm golden! 


  1. This is unrelated, but I just voted for you in the 20sb polls and then had a little moment where I couldn't believe it was like 3 months ago that I met you FOR REAL and we walked around together FOR REAL. Sometimes that doesn't seem like real life.

    Anyway, podcasts. Also I miss you. Also sorry again for the lack of letter, I keep trying to tell you about someone but they keep screwing with me and changing all of my thoughtful letter content. ugh

    1. Thanks for the nomination! :) I haven't logged in to 20SB in forever.

      I MISS YOU, TOO! I hope you are still planning on coming back to London this year.

    2. I didn't nominate you, dick! Someone else loves you more than meeee! I hadn't logged on in forever either, i suddenly remembered that it existed earlier this week and popped over to see what was happening. Nothing was happening, lol (except voting)

      Mark my words i will BE THERE

  2. The Movie Crypt one sounds great...need to check it out myself!!
    Been forever since I have had a chance to catch up on reading people's blogs including yours, finally have the time :)


    1. Thanks for stopping by! You should definitely check out The Movie Crypt, it's brilliant. New episodes come out every Monday.

  3. You know who should do a podcast? You should!
    You can talk music, zines, and even, gasp!, nerds die last! xxx