Tuesday 1 April 2014


we met at a Filaments gig
though i don't remember them playing
(thanks, cider)
you were wearing a Flogging Molly t-shirt
and i Black Flag.

let's forget all the times we could have met before
but didn't
because i never spoke to you.

we met at a Filaments gig.

i knew i was in trouble
when i read the quote on your desktop wallpaper
"she's mad but she's magic,
there's no lie in her fire"
you read.
not only do you read
but you read Bukowski.

i fell in love with you
as you explained the concept of Solipsism to me.
you spoke with such energy
and passion
and in that moment
i wasn't sure if i had dreamt you up.

several months later
i am sat on your sofa at 3am
smoking a cigarette
while you're asleep in your bed
your cat is having a late night snack
and i am wearing the same Black Flag t-shirt
as the night we met
at a Filaments gig.


  1. I love this. LOVE it.
    I totally relate to falling in love with someone for being smart and passionate at the same time--that's just so SEXY. Once Sebastien explained his senior project on the state of post-colonial African countries I was his forever ;)

  2. Aw, this is awesome. Kudos dude!