Thursday 12 June 2014


OK Cupid Messages I Have Not Responded To

I bought this zine, by Sincerely Analog, because I thought it would be all cringe and creepo messages from pervs and weirdos, thus making it hilarious. Alas, there was not but one creepo or perv in sight, nope, just a bunch of try hards and "I'm just as quirky as you, look, LOOK!" kinda messages. My favourite was this; "shooting through the walls of heartache, bang bang, I am the warrior". What a twat. I guess that's what happens when you join OKCupid in the hipster capitol of the world (Hiii Portland).

Missed Connections in Toronto #1

A collection of Craigslist missed connections ads collected by Hippo House. I love missed connections ads, sometimes when I am bored at work I will have a browse through them, just to be nosey. I am a sucker for a good romance story and I like to think that at least some of the people that post these ads actually manage to find the person they are looking for. Some of them must, right? This collection is extremely varied, some do verge on creepy, but they are mostly just extremely shy people that seem to be unsure of how to talk to people in the real world.

Small Parts #1 & #2

Prose poems and mini stories, no longer than 350 words a piece, by Sonya of One Girl Bicycle Club. #1 is a varied collection of surreal and quirky stories/vignettes and #2 is 'the fairytale issue'; alternative takes on classic stories. BOTH ISSUES ARE WONDERFUL. Really, really enjoyed them. My favourite stories were 'City Nights' and 'Missing: Girl' both from #1. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Crust Dog #1 & #2

I love comic zines, especially comic zines about punk. Crust Dog, by Anthony Sorge, follows the trials and tribulations of Handlebar, who sleeps rough, takes abuse from strangers and even more abuse from his selfish owner. Encouraged by visions of a wolf god, handlebar exacts sweet, sweet revenge on said selfish owner. #2 follows an extremely angry dude who accidentally joins a punk band and befriends Handlebar. I love Handlebar, he's like the crust punk version of The Littlest Hobo (Obscure Canadian kid's TV show reference WIN)

Rum Lad #6/Gadgie #31 - The Rum Gadgie

A split between Steve Larder's Rum Lad illustration zine and Marv Jolly's Gadgie punk fanzine. This is two old punks reminiscing about the good old days of the Boston punk scene (Lincs, not Mass). Steve Larder's illustrations are amazing and extremely detailed. It must take an age to complete an issue. Marv's Gadgie zine has to be the first punk zine I have read which uses comic sans, possibly ironically, possibly not. Either way the content is great; hilarious anecdotes as well reviews and an interview. I have never been to Boston but this zine made me feel as if I was right there in the pit with them.

That's it for this month. I still have a stack of zines that I haven't read yet, so I'll save those for next month. Next month being International Zine Month! YAY! If anyone has a zine they'd like me to review drop an e-mail to martin-appleby at I love zines, I do!

Now, time for some shameless self promotion: Issue #2 of PAPER AND INK is OUT NOW and my girlfriend recently made an art zine called (bangbang) which you should definitely check out. It's pretty rad.


  1. Oh my god, punk Littlest Hobo? I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE SO BAD. XD

    1. I put that Littlest Hobo reference in just for you, Luka. Just for you.

  2. peeps shouldn't throw around the H-word, errrybody just wants love! Small parts one and 2 look good, tho. I've always been a great admirer of ziens and folks who read or make just feels so local in all the right ways.