Thursday, 3 July 2014


Last year I wrote about losing my music festival virginity at Download Festival, which well and truly gave me the "festival bug" resulting in me convincing a couple of my friends that it would be a good idea to go to another music festival like a month later. THIS YEAR we didn't go to Download (It was a couple weeks ago), THIS YEAR we are going to Sonisphere Festival, which starts tomorrow!

I am super fucking excited! I think it will be even better than Download was last year because now I kinda know what to expect. You can't be a pussy at festivals, there is no time for hangovers, no flaking out, there is too much to do, too many bands to see and too much alcohol to consume! "Go hard, or go home" is kind of our festival motto. It works. I have a tent, a sleeping bag, 40 cans of Strongbow and 50 grams of tobacco. I will probably be feeling like death when I get home on Monday but I don't care because I get to spend three days in a field with some of my best friends and I GET TO SEE FRANK FUCKIN' TURNER for the second time this year! (I am also pretty fucking excited about seeing Dropkick Murphys and Anti-Flag for the first time. Plus, you know... Maiden again!)

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