Sunday 11 October 2015


Hand Job is a celebration of British writing, and this is another excellent issue of the grass roots literary zine. I am running out of superlatives to describe Hand Job, each issue just gets better and better and this one is an absolute whopper coming in at 65 pages. My favourite piece is a brilliantly observed story by a writer I had never heard of before, 'Have You Done Earth?' by Amy Victoria Gray, about an alien who visits Earth on a holiday and spends a few unforgettable days in Clacton-on-Sea. Hand Job are throwing a party in Nottingham for the launch of their ninth issue later this month and I will be there so come and say hello! More details on their website -


This zine is a collection of writing, poetry, photography and artwork by a DIY collective from Southampton. The theme of this inaugural issue is friendship and it's a very engaging and interesting read, almost perzine-esque in its honesty and openness. Reading it really made me wish that I knew these people when I lived in Southampton. I wasn't really involved in the DIY scene back then and did not discover my love of zines until I moved to Brighton. Maybe if I had met these guys when I was down there PAPER AND INK would have been born a lot sooner. Who knows?!? To get your hands on a copy of This Zine Is Small email them at

This mini zine is poet Jenn Hart's debut collection. Although small in size and only featuring six poems (with a handy space encouraging the reader to add their own) it packs a powerful punch. Jenn's poems are inspired by "life, feminism and environment" and the only bad thing I can say about it is that I wish it was longer! My favourite one was the very last in the collection; a triumphant middle finger to anyone who dares pigeon hole her. I am hoping to convince Jenn to submit to PAPER AND INK someday, go buy a copy of this zine and you will see why!

This is my new favourite zine! An all encompassing punk zine that features interviews, reviews, recipes, how to guides and even puzzles. The interviews are top notch, not only are there band interviews but there is a great interview with illustrator Mark Bell who does a lot of punk album covers and band merch (I have actually had discussions with Mark about doing a cover for the next issue of PAPER AND INK so watch this space!). There is also an interesting interview with one of the organisers of We Shall Overcome which happened last weekend (if you weren't aware of it, it was a weekend of events and gigs that happened in unison all over the UK in support of those affected most by the government's austerity cuts). This is a wonderful little zine and I'm gutted that I have only just discovered it!

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