Monday 30 May 2016


I have not reviewed any zines for a while now, mainly because I have not bought as many recently as I used to. My 'to read' list is ridiculously long and I have been attempting to whittle it down, and that means not buying ALL THE ZINES, ALL THE TIME. Just some of the zines, some of the time...

I have reviewed a few issues of this Nottingham based literary zine in the past and there are really not many more superlatives I can use to describe it. This tenth issue is most certainly their best issue to date and is just brilliant. It is their first "themed" issue (Occult Realism in case you were wondering) and also comes with a CD of spoken word performances by past and present contributors. Beautiful risograph printed pages, deftly designed by Sophie Pitchford accompanied by screwball stories and prophetic poetry selected by editor Jim Gibson. Grab a copy for yourself right here.

This is a short story zine by Constance Ann Fitzgerald (author of Trashland A Go-Go and head honcho of the awesome Ladybox Books). It tells the story of the can of worms that is opened when a woman sleeps with her ex boyfriend. I love Constance's writing, it is searing, to the point, unapologetic and entirely beautiful. I highly recommend that you check out her stuff, and also the stuff that Ladybox publishes, because it is all amazing. Check out her website right here.  

This is a really fun zine by Clara Heathcock about "the emotional intimacy of friendships between women conducted via Facebook chat". She has plucked snippets and lines from various conversations with her friends, illustrated them and put them all together in this collection. The things friends say to one another when they think nobody else is listening are often the most revealing, and that makes this a very intimate and interesting read, I only wish it was slightly longer. Grab a copy from Clara right here.

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