Wednesday 26 December 2018


by John Grochalski

John Grochalski's vehemently anti-Trump rhetoric has been unwavering since the day the man was elected, and will undoubtedly continue as such until the day he is indicted or otherwise. This collection of poems is a manifestation of Grochalsk's frustrations and bewilderment at his country's current administration, and the resulting state of apathy that he sees growing around him on a daily basis. This is the first full collection of poems by Grochalski I have read, having previously enjoyed his novels (click here for my review of The Librarian), I was pleased with what I found within its pages - funny tales of shitty jobs and know-it-all colleagues as well as other amusing observations about day to day life and the rapid decay of a broken society. The perfect New Year pick me up! Contact him for a copy, of submit your own anti-Trump poetry for his blog right here.

by Pete Donohue

This is Pete Donohue's second chapbook release of the year (The first being Poems for Johnny Two-Guns by Analog Submission Press - two print runs of which are both sold out). Pete is unquestionably The Bard of Hastings and a true patron of the arts. His lyrical, effervescent poems jump right off the page and will lead you on a merry dance into the wild night. At only fifteen poems long this chapbook is a short, sharp shot in the arm; a sweet collection of poems on love, loss, punk and peace. A worthy addition to any bookshelf. Pick up a copy from Hastings Independent Press website right here.  

by John D. Robinson and Joseph Ridgwell

John D. Robinson and Joseph Ridgwell are two of my favourite poets, so when I heard they were producing a split chapbook together, my heart was aflutter - and thankfully I was not disappointed. What I got from this chapbook was exactly what I had hoped for - The way I truly judge a poet is the feeling I get when I finish a poem, if I am saying to myself "Fuck, I wish I had written that", then I know I am on to a winner -  and I most certainly had that experience on more than one occasion when reading this chapbook. A must have addition to any true lit friend's collection of underground rarities. It also comes with a separate, signed extract from Ridgwell's forthcoming novel, Civil Service, which is worth the price of admission alone. Pick up a copy directly from Ridgwell's website right here.

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