Sunday 27 September 2020


For those of you who don't know, I started a podcast about a year ago. Yes, I have jumped on the podcast bandwagon because every other cunt has a podcast already, and I had FOMO. It is called the Paper and Ink Literary Zine Punk and Poetry Podcast. Yes, I am aware of what a long ass title that is. Anyway, the latest episode (Episode 004) has just been uploaded. It features an interview with poet Dave Cullern, music from Liverpool based hardcore anarcho punk band Falaun and poetry from Hosho McCreesh's unabridged audiobook of A Deep and Gorgeous Thirst. You should be able to find it where ever you find your podcasts, but if not, here is a hyperlink:

Below is a write up of the episode lifted from Hosho McCreesh's website (which you should check out here). I must also take this moment to make a public apology to Mr McCreesh as, during the episode, I ruminated that he would have a "silky, smooth Texas voice". Of course, Hosh is from New Mexico and not Texas. However I have no doubt to either the silkiness or smoothness of his voice.

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