'Paper and Ink' is a UK based literary zine. Issue #1 'Broken Heart and Broken Bottles' features two short stories and five poems from six very different, but equally talented writers. It is 14 pages in length, A5 in size and available right now from our Etsy store.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS FOR ISSUE #2: We are looking for short stories and poems to feature in Issue #2, the theme of which is 'HOME'. If you're a budding writer, or an old, jaded writer (or any kind of writer) and you'd like to submit a piece, then drop me an e-mail to martin-appleby@live.co.uk

There are only 100 copies of Issue #1 in existance, each copy is numbered and once all 100 copies have gone I will not be printing any more. There will be no online version, no PDF download, and no e-reader version. Just good old fashioned paper and ink! Although it was initially created because I thought it would be fun to do, I am incredibly proud of how Issue #1 turned out. A lot of time and effort went into the zine's creation so I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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  1. This is SO FREAKIN COOL. Good for you. I love seeing young people make stuff like this.