Monday, 14 April 2014


I know, I have been super lax at blogging recently. The reason for my absence from the blogosphere is twofold; partly because I suck at life and partly mainly due to my obsession with Pokemon. Playing through Pokemon Red reinvigorated my love for Pokemon so I then purchased a shiny new (second hand from eBay) Nintendo 3DS and a copy of one of the latest games in the series, Pokemon X. Most of my free time, much to my girlfriend's chagrin, has been consumed with my mission to catch 'em all in the Kalos region. I fucking love Pokemon.

It was my birthday on Saturday. My 27th. Part of me thinks that 27 years olds probably shouldn't be so obsessed with Pokemon, but a bigger part of me thinks "Fuck it. I do what I want", and you can probably guess which part I listen to most. Saturday night was a rather messy affair. I drank a shit load of cider/jager/sambuca and Drunk Martin thought it would be hilarious to fall over/roll around on the floor a lot, so I am sporting some rather painful injuries at the moment. I really dislike Drunk Martin sometimes. 

I got a tattoo voucher from Erin, so I am finally going to lose my tattoo virginity within the next three months! Yay! I am going to get an image of favourite Pokemon! I jest, I jest, I'm not that obsessed (Ha! That rhymes, kinda). I do know someone who has Pokemon tattoos though. No, I am going to get a line from Against Me! song The Ocean on my forearm - There Is An Ocean In My Soul - I just need to figure out what kind of script I want. I fucking love Against Me!

Last night I watched Midnight In Paris and this morning I bought Zelda Fitzgerald's novel 'Save Me The Waltz' and Hemmingway's 'To Have & Have Not' with an Amazon voucher that I also got for my birthday. I fucking love books.

I apologise for this post being so short, but Pokemon don't catch themselves, you know! LOVEYOUBYE

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


we met at a Filaments gig
though i don't remember them playing
(thanks, cider)
you were wearing a Flogging Molly t-shirt
and i Black Flag.

let's forget all the times we could have met before
but didn't
because i never spoke to you.

we met at a Filaments gig.

i knew i was in trouble
when i read the quote on your desktop wallpaper
"she's mad but she's magic,
there's no lie in her fire"
you read.
not only do you read
but you read Bukowski.

i fell in love with you
as you explained the concept of Solipsism to me.
you spoke with such energy
and passion
and in that moment
i wasn't sure if i had dreamt you up.

several months later
i am sat on your sofa at 3am
smoking a cigarette
while you're asleep in your bed
your cat is having a late night snack
and i am wearing the same Black Flag t-shirt
as the night we met
at a Filaments gig.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Myself and the group of degenerates and reprobates that I like to call my friends have decided to resurrect the Pokemon craze of the late 90s. We have each bought old school gameboys and copies of either Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow (I have Red) and last Friday night, along with copious amounts of alcohol, we threw down and began our quest to catch 'em all. It was quite honestly one of the funnest nights I have experienced in a long time, not to mention by far the geekiest.

As you can see there were six of us, however, in less than a week the number of people joining us for our next session has already risen by three. Hopefully it will rise by another three the week after, and then before you know it WE WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD! MWAHAHAHA! Or something. 

Let me tell you... trying to navigate your way through Mt. Moon when you've had several cans of Strongbow is no simple task! Luckily I had my trusty and loyal companion Bulbasaur with me to fend off all of the god damn wild Zubats. GO AWAY ZUBAT, I AM LOST AND YOU'RE NOT HELPING!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


A couple of weeks ago I noticed a link that someone had posted on Facebook to this article from NME concerning their list of the '500 greatest songs of all time'. Naturally I clicked the link to see what the top of the list looked like, and frankly, I was shocked. Shocked and appalled. I have said it before and I will say it again; I am no music critic, I have no idea about arrangements or structure or what makes a song technically "good" etc,. I will also state, for the record, that I have never bought an issue of NME before in my life and judging by the top five in their list of the greatest songs OF ALL TIME the odds of that ever happening just got a lot slimmer...

5. 'Last Nite' by The Strokes
4. 'How Soon Is Now?' by The Smiths
3. 'I Feel Love' by Donna Summer
2. 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' by Joy Division
1. 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' By Nirvana 

I'm not surprised in the slightest to see The Smiths and Joy Division songs in the top five, it is the NME after all. I'm not really surprised to see 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' at number one either. And I have to be honest, I had never heard of Donna Summer or that song, but whatever, 70s disco isn't really my thing... No, my main issue with this top five is MOTHERFUCKING 'LAST NITE' BY THE STROKES! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!? THE FIFTH BEST SONG OF ALL TIME? OF ALL TIME? They can't even spell 'Night', let alone what the piece of shit song actually sounds like. Fuck, it wasn't even the fifth best song of 2001 let alone OF ALL TIME.

Okay, rant over. It feels good to get that off my chest, that has been brewing inside me ever since I clicked that link. I'm not going to post my own 'Top Five Songs of All Time' because music is fucking subjective and I fully appreciate that not everyone will have the same taste as me, but really... Do that many people like 'Last Nite'? REALLY?!? I don't believe it.

Fuck you, NME. You piece of shit hipster bullshit merchants, FUCK YOU.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


So, I have been listening to a lot of podcasts recently. Because who doesn't love a podcast?!? Podcasts are awesome. I love them. Don't you? Of course you do. Because they're awesome. If you don't listen to podcasts then shut up, you're lying. But just in case you aren't lying... Firstly, what's wrong with you? And secondly, you're in luck, because I am about to share with you a selection of the awesome podcasts that I have been enjoying the shit out of recently. Because sharing is caring and such on and so forth...


Directors (and stars of sitcom Holliston) Adam Green and Joe Lynch host this brilliant film making-related podcast. They have special guests on each week from all aspects of the movie industry, from costume designers to agents to writers and directors. Their discussions offer fantastic (and hilarious) insight into the fucked up world of Hollywood. Even if you're not interested in the film making process it is still a funny and interesting listen.


Author and all round awesome Canadian person Chris Eng started this podcast back in October on which he plays his favourite punk rock songs. Chris, like myself, has a predilection for female-fronted punk bands so I've discovered some great stuff because of this podcast. I also got a shout out on episode 3 because I recommended some British bands to him, so I'm basically famous now. But whatever.


"A couple of angry queer kids talking about pop culture" is how Jack and Daniel describe their podcast and it's a pretty apt description. They generally talk about LGBTQ issues relating to pop culture and it's a fascinating and entertaining listen. They're also rather funny chaps with great taste in music and I've discovered some fantastic bands because of them.


Damian Alexander interviews punk bands. That's pretty much the gist of it. If you don't like punk then you probably won't get much out of this, but if you do then you'll fucking love it. Damian is a funny dude and his interviews are great. I only discovered this podcast recently but I have been devouring the archive. A particular highlight was an episode from a couple of years ago when he interviewed Red City Radio whilst slightly inebriated.


Comedian Marty DeRosa interviews pro wrestlers and other entertainment industry types with an emphasis on discussing mental health issues. It's eye opening, but also hilarious at the same time. Well worth a listen even if you have zero interest in pro wrestling.


Ed Robinson presents this Boxing podcast alongside Spencer "The Knowledge" Fearon for Sky Sports. Being a Sky production there is a particular focus on Matchroom Boxing but they do cover other British promotions, as well as top international fights. Worth a listen just for Spencer Fearon; a genuinely nice, funny guy who really knows his boxing.

Other comedy podcasts: The Frank Skinner Show, Hang Out With Me  
Other wrestling podcasts: The Art of Wrestling, The Steve Austin Show, Talk Is Jericho  
Other punk podcasts: Punknews Podcast  
Other boxing podcasts: Buncey's Boxing Podcast

Yeah, that's basically what I have been listening to recently. There are like a million more podcasts out there, but there just isn't enough time in the day to listen to all of them. However, I am always up for discovering awesome new shit, so if you know of an outstanding podcast that would enrich my life then please share!

Also, I just realised how succinctly that list of podcasts sums up my interests: movies, punk, pro wrestling and boxing. All I need now is a podcast about 80s/90s kids TV shows and I'm golden!